Get insights from every part of the city



We handle every step of the process from hardware installation to the data analytics dashboard for improving daily operations and predicting future problems. This allows us to give you real-time analytics into your water quality, leakage prevention, and energy usage that are translated into actionable items for the utility staff or anyone in the value-chain. We give you the ability to truly look into your water grid so you can provide the best service to your customers.



We provide a practical and cost effective solution for utilities to identify losses, voltage anomalies, and potential safety issues before they become a safety hazard or a costly liability. Combining data from transformers and our own sensors, our system continuously analyzes and locally manages the load across the grid.



AIZA serves as the central hub for the connected mobility infrastructure to communicate externally via 5G LTE. This includes vehicle-to-vehicle as well as vehicle-to-user communication to improve transportation efficiency for everyone in the city. This fast communication speed also increases the types of data that can be collected while providing AI at the edge-point to monitor internal processes and vehicle maintenance. All of this data and communication can be managed through our analytics platform.

full stack 2.png

Edge Point Integration

Our technology stack starts by conducting a feasibility study to learn what combination points on the existing infrastructure mapping would benefit most with our technology stack (smart sensors, system-on-chips, advanced materials, remote communication with state-of-the-art security protocols) to form a full picture of what’s happening around you.


Data being collected from all sources (meters, sensors, chips, materials) are used to get real-time updates on industrial control systems, environmental sensors, intelligent transportation systems, fleets, and make complete sense of the world around you and provide world-class asset management for all stakeholders.

Real-Time INsIGHTS

Past and present data sets are processed into insights via complex machine learning algorithms for maximizing operational efficiency and predicting improvements for distressed areas. Going beyond just analytics to produce an insight requires a team of people that have been in your shoes before, and have worked decades in each of the areas we provide solutions for (water & sewerage, energy, mobility).